Never put yourself down

0710101824-00So, I’m basically coming back from the abyss, and as the sunlight hits my skin and I claw what’s left of me out of the black hole that I disappeared into God only knows how long ago, this old post was amongst my life’s debris. A mountain of post Depression loose ends and missed this’s and that’s through which I once again find myself sifting is where  I came across this old post of mine and I felt like sending it out again. I know somebody needs to see it.

Never put yourself down. There are enough people who will do that for you.

– Advice from a friend

Remain mindful of your thoughts. Stomp out thoughts of negative self-talk without question. All lies, those thoughts are not your own, don’t let them become your own. Illusory echoes, the last desperate trace of the voices of those whose own self-talk spills unto others. In others they see only what they hate about themselves.

Only thoughts that are full of love and gentleness toward yourself are the truth, the rest are lies. Pity those who spill their own self-hate (knowingly or not, because anyone who loves themselves isn’t capable of hating others, it’s a side effect and it is how you can tell who is truly happy with themselves) and call out every single negative thought as a lie. Expose it, refuse it, and claim the truth on top of it.

The truth is that you are loved. Please love yourself. Be patient with yourself, and towards your precious self be merciful, forgiving, loving and kind. You are precious, and you need to take care of you.

There are enough people salivating at the opportunity to beat you up, to hurt you, to take from you. Do NOT do it for them. Protect your ‘self’ and love your ‘self.

Peace xo

Published by AmysAyes

I am not sure about anything but amazed by everything. I struggle with erratic moods. I don't know if it is a disorder, a gift, or a little bit of both, but I am going to try to embrace them, let myself feel them, and hopefully come out wiser on the other side.

2 thoughts on “Never put yourself down

    1. Hi! I am actually doing very well lately. Since I last posted (like last year sometime) I have been through some really, really difficult stuff. I will probably write about it soon. It has just been in the past month or so that I have come out of it. Things were getting worse and worse until I just lost it. I had no choise but to let go and let my loved ones help me out. Thank you for dropping me a note. It means a lot. 🙂 Looks like you’ve been busy! I hope you are doing well 🙂


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