Medication Changes

Well I have had my psych appointment and I am happy to say that I am staying off the Seroquel and have started an antidepressant. Actually, I should say I switched my antidepressant because I had started taking the Cipralex on my own because I couldn’t stand the lingering depression (I had some from a previous prescription). I asked to start Topamax to help me lose the 30 pounds I have gained over the past 5 months but was denied. She said that I am someone who always reaches for a pill to solve my problems (I was requesting it more for its weight loss properties than mood stabilizing). I am pleased however to see that a side effect of Wellbutrin is weight loss and loss of appetite. This is the antidepressant that she chose for me instead of changing my mood stabilizer to Topamax.

My new regimen is:


Synthroid 1 x 25mgs (for an underactive thyroid), Wellbutrin 1 x 150mgs, Abilify* 1 x 10mgs, Clonazepam 1 x .5mgs and Lamictal 2 x 100mgs

late afternoon/evening:

1 x .5mgs Clonazepam

*The Psych doc said to restart taking the Abilify if the Wellbutrin begins to make me feel hypomanic/manic.

There we have it. The new regimen.

I am not going to lie, the most exciting thing about this change is that I am on an antidepressant…finally! I can’t seem to shake depression without them. I am also thrilled that I am off of seroquel. I am tickled that the antidepressant has weight loss and loss of appetite as side effects as well. So no more make-you-fat-Seroquel and hello, weight-loss-Wellbutrin. I am really excited, can you tell?

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I am not sure about anything but amazed by everything. I struggle with erratic moods. I don't know if it is a disorder, a gift, or a little bit of both, but I am going to try to embrace them, let myself feel them, and hopefully come out wiser on the other side.

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